Please contact me if you are interested in the Emanuel at War Exhibition and Book or if you have information about an Old Emanuel who served in the First or Second World War.

Daniel Kirmatzis: email:

Please also CC Tony Jones the Emanuel School Archivist into any correspondence.

Tony Jones: email:


10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi,

    I left a post on the blog site discussing this regarding my Father, Vernon Harrison Avery who left the school in 1938 and served in WW2.

    Please let me know if you would like any details here, should the attempt to blog not reach you.

    Best regards,
    Robert Clifford Avery.

  2. Hi, I am Andrew Robertson the owner of 2/Lieutenant Eddie Fisher’s school cap that was killed on 16th Nov 1916 serving with the East Lancashire Regiment. I am planning on coming to your commemoration event in November.
    Kind Regards
    Andrew Robertson

  3. what is the extraordinary story attached to ..air crash in may 1942.sgt.g w thornton was my father.
    I know very little about the circumstances.

  4. Delighted to discover a reference to my great uncle, Cuthbert Harvey. He joined the RFC and survived along with his brother Lionel also RFC ? A third brother, who I believe was also at Emmanuel, Mortimer Harvey served with the Surrey Yeomanry. I would greatly appreciate any information that might confirm this information. Thank you, Noel Thompson, Mortimer’s grandson.

    • Dear Noel
      I have a small painting in my grandfather’s autograph book and I believe it was done by your great uncle, Cuthbert Harvey. If you would like, please contact me and I will send you a photograph. There are several other pictures by other pupils but most have only signed their initials.
      Barbara D

      • Dear Barbara,
        Such wonderful news and thank you for contacting me. I am researching the family history and have minimal information about Cuthbert. Emanuel has been most helpful and my nephew’s daughter Marianne Thompson is now enrolled and was assigned to Cuthbert’s house. She loves the school and I am glad to say is doing well in her studies.
        Did your grandfather play rugby ? Cuthbert played and was Secretary of the team. I have a team photograph of all the boys with their names.
        Best regards,
        Noel (

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