Faces of the Fallen

This is a short film depicting some of the 147 faces of those individuals from the Emanuel School community, both pupils and teachers, who lost their lives as a result of the First World War. They are commemorated from Edinburgh to the Middle East but are never far from our thoughts.

Emanuel commemorates all those Old Emanuels who served in both world wars and we also remember their families who lost loved ones.

A poem appeared in the Lent Term Emanuel School Magazine, The Portcullis which was simply titled Remember! and it appears fitting on Remembrance Sunday, and a day before Armistice Day to reproduce the poem to remind us why we should remember those who served in both world wars. Remembrance should transcend creed and political persuasion, for those who fought were from all backgrounds. In our age of convenience it doesn’t take much to stand still and be silent for two minutes in quiet reflection, to remember that these individuals lost their world so that we may have ours.Poem Portcullis Lent 1918 Remember


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